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Computer Screen Repairs

Repair Pros

At Rising Son's: Computer Clearance & Electronic Repair, we’re on hand at all times to ensure that you get the help and advice you need.


Let our expert technicians diagnose the problem, and give you the exact screen your equipment needs. Getting you back to work or play sooner rather than later! Call Now.

Smashed Laptop Screen
Computer Tutorials

What Should I do?


Electronics aren’t always the most user-friendly products and occasionally can require repair and/or maintenance.  


You shouldn’t have to take the time to deal with these issues, which is why we offer repair, support and replacement options for all our Electronics. 


Contact us for any of your troubleshooting needs.

Part Replacements

Your Electronics Experts

We’ve got tons of experience with Computers, Gaming, Electronics, Soldering, Parts, and Replacements. We take pride in our customer service and work to pinpoint and address every issue you face. Feel free to call for more information or to set up an appointment.


99% of our work is done in house. Unlike our competitors, we strive to save you money by eliminating the middle man.


Don’t worry, the experts at Rising Son's: Computer Clearance & Electronic Repair are ready and waiting to help you.

Computer Circuit Board Macro
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